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‼️Attention Malibu‼️ TONIGHT @ 6:30pm Malibu's City Planning Commission will review allowing Malibu’s dispensaries to provide recreational cannabis and delivery to our patients. It would be so powerful to have our patients join us and speak to the Commission about our thoughts and knowledge on the matter. There was a time in Malibu when our residents had to drive over the hill into the valley or into LA to find a dispensary.Our founders fought a long and hard battle to bring this natural medicine to our community and we now find ourselves in a situation where we need the community to come out and support recreational sales and delivery in Malibu.
There are still so many of our Malibu residents who are afraid to come into a dispensary because of fears of being on a “list” or because they have to get a doctor’s recommendation, or many other prohibitive reasons.By allowing Malibu’s dispensaries to become recreational it will allow our current patients and those that have not been able to enter our doors to be given the same care and compassion that we are known for and for us to be able to deliver to our current patients.
Also as California becomes recreational on January 1st, 2018, if Malibu does not allow recreational marijuana, then we will have to close down our doors as it will be impossible to compete with neighboring cities who are already allowing recreational sales.We care so much about our patients and our community but the city needs to hear from you- our patients.
Please join us to be the voice that needs to be heard!!!

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