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Thank You Cannabis!
•For helping me get to sleep
•For giving me the motivation to write
•For keeping me calm when life gets stressed
•For introducing me to some of my greatest friends •For making me laugh harder than I ever have
•For making my back pain subside •For getting me through my moon cycles •For treating my depression
•For helping my appetite return •For fending off my panic attacks •For keeping my migraines at bay
•For helping me with PTSD
•For kicking my cancer to the curb •For introducing me to some of the best music ever made
What things does cannabis do for you?
#thankfulthursday #thankful #grateful #cannabis #medicineforthepeople #healexpandawaken #endcannabisprohibition #healtheworld #healthepeople #🙏🏻 #💚 #weedmakestheworldgoround

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