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Mint Chocolate Bar from Défoncé

100G (3.5 OZ) | THC 90MG | CACAO 53% A bright swirl of smooth milk chocolate and cool, refreshing mint. How is it that a foil-wrapped square of mint chocolate enthroned on a hotel pillow tastes so very lovely? Without the setting—say, you snag it from a glass bowl on your exit from a restaurant—the same confection seems pedestrian. The phenomenon inspired our chocolatier, who crafted a mint chocolate bar that captures the magic of the hotel-chocolate experience, minus the necessity for a soft throne. In addition to adding such bright flavor, the mint also serves as a relaxant, and it cleanses your palate, too. You were looking for the ideal evening-dessert chocolate bar. And look—you just found it. This product is gluten-free. Made with organic chocolate.

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