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Charlie Girl from Casa Humboldt

INHALE deep earthy sweet tones, EXHALE with gassy flavors, sedative, cerebral , focused and clear perfect for any occasion. Charlie Girl Genetics Charlie Girl In 2011 at the height of the Cookie craze, HENDRX breeders crossed an SFV OG female with a Girl Scout Cookie male to produce a perfect representation of its famed parents. The resulting pheno hunt identified two unique cannabis cultivars. The Ebola No. 7 was deemed exceptional in its potent THC content which exceeds 31%, and the Charlie Girl, that struck that balance of power, beauty, and holistic therapy. The Charlie Girl has proven itself a crowd favorite in Northern California and has become the basis of our future strain development. About Casa Humboldt - "At Casa Humboldt, our priorities of cannabis production are simple: organic growing, sustainability of the watersheds and wildlife, solar and wind production, peaceful living and above all, love and nature. Tour the gardens, relax for lunch on the portico and pick up medicine. Come to call it home, all while listening to the birds, smelling the sea and watching the fog roll in from the Pacific. It is enchanting, meditative and purifying."  

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