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ABX Absolute Xtracts Fruit Haze - Passion Fruit - Gummies

AbsoluteXtracts—ABX—is a homegrown Northern California company committed to providing patients with pure, safe, and potent cannabis. The plant materials are tested for pesticides, molds and bacteria. After passing inspection, the herb is dried, cured and processed in a pharmaceutical grade “clean” room.   These cannabis plant-starts are grown in greenhouses and on small family farms throughout Northern California. When ready, they’re harvested and transported to Santa Rosa for processing We use clean, high pressure carbon dioxide at low temperatures to extract the cannabis oil. We employ proprietary methods to preserve the terpenes, that give each strain its distinctive smell and flavor.   Made with 100% Natural Ingredients, ABX gummies are both vegan, gluten free and gelatin free. They are also made in small batches with real fruit puree.   10mg per piece/ 100 mg per package. 10 calories Ingredients: Glucose, Pure Cane Sugar, Passion Fruit Puree, Pectin, water, baking soda, Citric Acid, Cannabis Oil.  

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